Month: January 2012

Ten things that P***** me off in 2011

1)  The phrase ‘this call is being recorded for training and quality purposes’ when it actually is not!

2)  Being told via Radio and TV that we should ‘talk to your pharamaists’ and when you do they wont give you an antibiotic unless you have a perscription

3)  Being advised to call ‘low call numbers’ which cost a fortune

4)  Trying to cancel my Eircom dongle but even though the call is being recorded for training and quality purposes they still expect me to put it in writing!!

5)  Being charged 80 euro to have my teeth cleaned

6)  Having serious difficulty finding house insurance under 500 euro a year because I live in a ‘flood area’ even though I have NEVER been flooded in the 12 years I have lived in the house.  Also I am penalised for having a house over 100 years old and having a part flat roof.

7)  Being turned down for a low paid job with a well known Dublin Theatre company because I did not have enough ‘venue experience’ – for the job I had to book 8 shows a year.  In the past I usually booked over 1500 shows a year

8)  Taxi drivers who do not know where they are going and blowing the horn instead of getting off their ass and ringing the door bell and then not lifting my suitcase into the boot

9)  Pop up reminders on my computer very annoying

10) Hearing a noise on my roof and upon checking it out finding a ladder on my house with UPC guy on it messing around with my signal without my permission!!

I could go on but must try and chill now and try and remember 10 good things that happened last year!!