I have been sick as a dog today.  It’s day 13 on the Champix.  Getting sick on the side of the street 5 times on my way to the shops, not plesant (but good for the auld weight loss).  I haven’t posted until now as I dont really notice many changes but the last couple of days have changed all that.  Initially the main side effect for me is the insomnia – I cannot sleep until 2:00 am and its been getting worse,every night it’s an hour later,  last night it was 5:30 when I eventually got to sleep so consequentially I am not getting up until 2 pm or later.   I am tired all the time.  At night I am also sweating a lot.  New pjs every night.

I normally drink a lot of water, usually about 2 litres or more a day, it’s an old (but good) habit from living in Cape Verde, West Africa that thankfully I have continued now that I am back in Ireland.  Since starting the champix I am very dry in the mouth and thirsty all the time.   Last night I awoke 5 times to go to the loo!!  This does not help when you are trying very hard to sleep. 

Probably for me one of the main advantages of Champix is that it has allowed me to continue smoking.   I then make up my own mind on which day between day 8 – 14 to actually stop smoking.  I didn’t actually decide on a day and just ‘went with the flo’ so yesterday I had a half a cigarette and the same the day before.  Prior to that I was smoking like a chimney,  drum lite tobacco and then decided to ‘treat’ myself to a packet of Marlboro Lights but offered a few around the local pub the other night and suddenly had an empty packet (think I smoked about 6).    I was then giving out to myself for not getting a packet of Carolls, why did I get a lighter brand than the one I actually wanted, Guilt???  Today I havent smoked so far but would’nt mind but am a bit afraid having puked up all over Fairview Bridge earlier.

To sum up I feel sweaty, nauseous, tired, irritable and generally pissed off.  But happy with myself for doing this and DELIGHTED that so far it seems to be working.





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