I have been sick as a dog today.  It’s day 13 on the Champix.  Getting sick on the side of the street 5 times on my way to the shops, not plesant (but good for the auld weight loss).  I haven’t posted until now as I dont really notice many changes but the last couple of days have changed all that.  Initially the main side effect for me is the insomnia – I cannot sleep until 2:00 am and its been getting worse,every night it’s an hour later,  last night it was 5:30 when I eventually got to sleep so consequentially I am not getting up until 2 pm or later.   I am tired all the time.  At night I am also sweating a lot.  New pjs every night.

I normally drink a lot of water, usually about 2 litres or more a day, it’s an old (but good) habit…

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