Day 17 on the Champix

Every one warned me about the ‘bad dreams’ I would be having on Champix, well I had a weird one the other night.  I dreamt I was at the Royal wedding and Adam Clayton (U2) burnt my dress with a cigarette, he then handed me his new born baby (who had the head of an adult and the body of a baby) the baby then proceeded to grow really quickly in front of my eyes until it turned into a Gay air stewart!!  It then turned out I knew the babys best friend who was an air stewart in Cape Verde!! Weird!!

I did smoke 4 cigarettes on Saturday night last.  I am very disappointed with myself.  I was drinking and tempted and I thought I would feel sick but alas no it felt wonderful, they were the nicest 4 cigarettes I have ever smoked in my life. I was on a first date and feeling very confident with myself and the big head took over.

 Today is Tuesday and I am determined not to smoke.  I have just had a Champix nowand feel very sick to my stomach.

More soon!


One comment

  1. I will be a non smoker for 1year on 11th Feb. I used Champix & I finished reading the Alan Carr book on day 15 for an extra boost. I can honestly say I haven’t had any craving whatsoever since that day. The best thing I ever did. Good Luck.

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